Thursday, December 15, 2011

technology loop.

I've finally gotten around to watching Portlandia, and this funny skit really hit home for me — I'm definitely technologically overloaded. I'm on my computer all day at work, emailing, writing, blogging, and tweeting, and then I come home and feel pressure to update my Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, blog, Etsy, Google+, and two Twitter accounts, not to mention keeping up with my favorite TV shows. Man, oh man. Something's gotta give. I'm just not sure what I can give up yet.

How do you deal with technology overload? 

Here's another Portlandia skit that makes me laugh: the crazy bike guy.


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  2. And that happens to be the song that was playing on the boat when we sailed past Waterfront Park and such.

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  4. There are only so many types, really ucky stringy vessel tissue "wires" in one's brain connecting our human brain departments, each working what it should with our over all functioning as humans. Over use them? Fried connections. Lose brain function which controls it all. Lose one's self. Or hand everything over to Hal.