Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jetsetter Style: What to Wear to the Airport

Remember when people used to dress up to fly? No? Me neither — that was long before my time. Nowadays, most trips to the airport feel like an extended episode of What Not to Wear. And while it's certainly fun to observe the eclectic runway of fashion misfires, I for one prefer to wear real pants when I fly (or any time I'm in public, for that matter).

No, you won't find me teetering around in high heels or squeezing into a pencil skirt for a six-hour flight, but I do like to make somewhat of an effort to not look like I just rolled out of bed (even if I did).

Here are my necessities:

Jetsetter Style

  • Dark skinny jeans with a moderate amount of stretch — cute but comfy on the plane. 
  • Several layers of shirts (tank, long-sleeve, sweater) — for easy changing upon arrival.
  • Mid-sized purse with carry-on necessities
  • Ballet flats.
  • Sunglasses — make fun of me if you will, but fluorescent lights suck at 5 a.m. Plus, it's great for people-watching.
  • Massive scarf — doubles as a blanket on the plane.
  • Lipstick — makes any outfit look more pulled together.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites: Cleaning House

I love everything about this kitchen
Happy Friday, y'all. Have any fun plans? I'll be catching up on a bunch of freelance articles that I'm pretty excited about. Here are some things I'm enjoying this week:

  • It's still January, which means I'm still in purging mode. This Apartment Therapy article has some good ideas for getting rid of tons of stuff that's probably cluttering up your house.
  • I wrote about some weird but tasty beers for Paste magazine. I've also recently started blogging for their Design section
  • I've been slowly moving toward more organic/natural foods for awhile now, but this Tedx talk by Robyn O'Brien (which is a couple of years old) really inspires me to go all in.
  • This is a meal I'm eating a lot lately.
  • To be honest, I rarely use cookbooks, but I love to have them in the kitchen. This one is gorgeous.
  • When Todd's out of town, I watch a lot of British dramas. This is my current fave.  

Friday, January 9, 2015

In Defense of a Uniform

Like a lot of women I know, I'm guilty of having a closet full of clothes that I rarely wear. Instead, day after day I reach for the same pair of dark-wash jeans and a small rotation of V-neck Ts and striped shirts.

Every day as I peer into my closet deciding what to wear, I urge myself to mix it up — why not wear a dress today, or that new sweater I haven't worn? But more often than not, I reach for the familiar favorites.

I used to think this meant I was boring and uninspired, that I was intimidated by style. Then I realized, this is my style. Call me basic if you want, but these few pieces are the ones that I feel comfortable and confident in, and the older I get, the easier it is for me to embrace that.

Some people take the concept to extremes, filling their closet with multiple copies of one type of shirt, pants, and shoes. Uniforms themselves have become a fashion statement, which is pretty funny when you think about it. I'd rather not limit myself so severely, but I do love the idea of having a simple closet filled only with those few, easily interchangeable pieces that I feel good wearing.

What about you — do you have a uniform, or do you like to try a new look every day?

P.S. This is one of the first sets I created on Polyvore three years ago — and I still love every piece today.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Packing List: Mexican All-Inclusive Resort

Packing for Mexican All-Inclusive

I'm deep in planning mode for our winter vacation to Mexico, and since it's my second trip to an all-inclusive resort, I feel more prepared than the first time around. Besides the obvious, here's what I'll bring:
  • A Turkish towel. Because sometimes the resort's towels aren't great, and they don't dry nearly as fast.
  • Glam pool wear (huge hat, cat-eye sunnies, and black bikini). Because I like to pretend that I'm a D-list celebrity when pools and cocktails are involved.
  • Waterproof mascara and bright lipstick. Because that's all you need to pair with your sun-kissed glow.
  • EWG-approved sunscreen for face, lips, and body (3-ounce bottles). Because I will not get burned on my first day again. And I won't slather questionable chemicals on my skin, either.
  • A fun float. Because floating in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by angel fish is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • Cup and koozie. For getting extra-large drinks and keeping them cool.
  • Travel candle. In case the room smells like a jungle.
  • Meds. Because I don't want to spend $20 on Tums and aspirin in the gift shop. 
  • Paperbacks. Because I don't want to worry about leaving my Kindle alone when I go for a walk.
What did I forget?
P.S. Here's the post from my last trip to Mexico.