Thursday, June 30, 2016

Traveling with Baby: Finding Inspiration from the Pros

There's a lot to worry about when it comes to having a first baby, so it might seem frivolous that one of my concerns has been travel. Will we ever travel again? Will it be enjoyable with kids, or will it be a nightmare? How do you even fly, drive in a foreign country, or eat at a restaurant with a baby? It's seriously unfamiliar territory that seriously stresses me out.

The thing is, I think Todd and I have gotten pretty good at traveling over the last few years, and we've been lucky enough to take some amazing trips. I hate to think that those days could be behind us. In fact, I refuse to accept it—despite what some parents are quick to tell me.

For every parent out there who tells us to kiss our days of fun and travel goodbye, I've found someone else who's making it work—and who's eager to share their tips for successfully traveling with kids. Ultimately, I know we'll have to find our way, and eventually I hope to offer my own voice to this dialogue, but for now, these are the bloggers and posts that are making me believe that we just might be able to have some adventure in our lives—even with a baby in tow.

What kind of crazy person would take two toddlers to Mexico City? Ashley from Hither and Thither, that's who—and probably Todd and I, within the next few years. Whether headed to Italy or Paris, she's honest about the challenges of traveling with kids, but she also offers solid advice for making it work—and even enjoying the experience.

Fact: My life will never be as glamorous and travel-filled as Amber's from Barefoot Blonde. But while she seems to have unlimited vacation time and a travel budget to match, she also offers some valuable insight into seeing the world with babes. I like her attitude on using travel to create stronger, more open-minded kids and to bring the family closer together.

Naomi of Love Taza is one of those perpetually cheerful mommy bloggers that haters love to hate. She's got three little ones, she lives in a shoebox-sized NYC apartment, and she's still always smiling. She also travels often with her brood, and she's created some inspirational videos and posts about their experiences. This one has a lot of useful tips.

This Mother Mag post on traveling to Tulum with a baby inspired what I hope will be one of our first trips with our son. I'm already browsing hotels in Tulum for the winter.

I also love Chelsea's (Lovely Indeed) Tulum travel guide, which has great tips for the area whether you're traveling with a kid or not.

Joanna at Cup of Jo has shared several posts on traveling with kids, including this oldie but goodie on flying with a baby. I also love this guest post on vacationing in Positano with a bunch of kids.

Megan from The Fresh Exchange is a new mom who's inspired me with her travels since long before she was pregnant. Now she's sharing her experiences seeing the world with her baby boy. So much sweetness.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Summer Pregnancies Don't Completely Suck

Let's just pretend like this is a picture of me, even though I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini right now.

Often when I tell people that my due date is in late August, I get the same response: a wince, a sympathetic shake of the head, and usually something along the lines of, "It's going to be a long summer for you!"

Of course, I can't help but agree. This summer feels extra hot and sweaty, and I'd give anything to enjoy a nice bottle of crisp wine on the front porch—without living in fear of mosquitos. But it's not all bad. In fact, I think there are a few perks to being pregnant in the summer. Here's what I'm feeling happy about:
  • Having a simplified maternity wardrobe. I'm in my third trimester, but still most of my day-to-day wardrobe consists of non-maternity items—extra-long tanks, tees, and elastic-waist skirts. Sure, it's boring, but I'm glad I haven't had to spend a lot of money or time searching for sweaters, coats, and pants that fit my bump. 
  • Sandals. Related to the above point, but worthy of its own bullet: I didn't even realize my feet were getting swollen because I've been living in sandals. I tried on a pair of my ballet flats today, and though it was definitely a tight squeeze, I just felt lucky that I have other options this time of year (and I don't have to go out and buy a bunch of new shoes that may not fit in a few months). 
  • Summer food. Thanks to the abundance of fresh local veggies and our tendency to grill out, I always eat more healthfully in the summer months than I do in the winter, when I crave mostly carb-heavy comfort food. Granted, ice cream is a major part of my diet these days, but I'm pretty sure I would have gained a lot more weight so far if I'd been pregnant in the colder months.
  • More sunshine. Longer days mean I'm more likely to be out and about staying active. I may not be hiking or playing tennis, but I'm moving and that's helping me feel stronger as I approach my due date.
  • Looking ahead to summer birthday parties. Yep, our little man isn't even here yet, but I'm already thinking about how fun his birthday parties will be. I myself was a winter baby, and parties at the park or pool just weren't an option.