Saturday, April 30, 2011

summer style.

I've been trying to avoid shopping and save money for a girls' trip to Savannah we're planning next weekend. The city has lots of vintage stores and fun, affordable boutiques, and I love shopping there more than I do here in Charleston. Plus, you can drink on the streets there. Bonus!

I've been making semi-obsessive shopping lists of what I need for my summer wardrobe. Which is basically everything, because I hate everything in my closet lately. I envision my summer look to be all about lace tops, loose tanks, cut-offs, boho sandals, striped maxi dresses, red lips, and a never-ending supply of cheap sunglasses. Maybe I'll even find a hat that actually looks good on me. Oh, and braids. Lots of messy, beachy braids.

What are you wearing this summer? 


  1. your summer wardrobe ideas are exactly what i have in my head as well! i'm trying to build up a nice little collection of easy to mix up clothes for the summer months. i find writing a list down and sticking to it as if it's a shopping list is the only way i get what wardrobe i want!

  2. I love your selections! You have such good taste! Have fun in SAV--my girls and I are going to Litchfield. :)