Saturday, April 2, 2011

charleston: the magic hour.

I've lived in Charleston nearly four years now, but I still regularly get the urge to stop in the middle of the street, pull out my camera, and snap pictures like a bright-eyed tourist. Traipsing around town on the French Quarter Art Walk last night, the light was just too perfect to resist, so I snapped away.

The Art Walk, like I said yesterday, is a free semi-monthly celebration of art in downtown Charleston. Galleries open their doors, lay out snacks, and pour glasses of wine or specialty cocktails inspired by the show. Some highlights yesterday were artisanal meatballs, Mississippi vodka, a fanciful collaborative show, a culinary bookstore opening, and lifesaver-flavored cocktails at a nostalgia-inspired show.

And for the record, I spent just over $6 last night on a small dinner at Jim 'n' Nick's Ba-B-Q. $14 to go.


  1. I would love to visit Charleston!!! Looks like an amazing town!

  2. I miss it. The lighting was fantastic!!

  3. I took a picture of the exact same branch of yellow blossoms! We have been living in a garden lately.