Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Todd and I are toying with the idea of going camping on Edisto Island this weekend. Believe it or not, I've only been camping once — and it was in a camper, which I don't think even counts. This time it'll be the real deal, with nothing but a tent and the cold, hard ground to sleep on. Well, maybe we'll get an air mattress.

My question to you is, what should I bring? I'm sure there are some things that could make this experience much more enjoyable that are slipping my mind since I'm a newbie. 

Also, I will admit that I'm a little concerned about being murdered in the night. We had an experience at a campground in Rome (random, I know) that's left me weary of sleeping with nothing but fabric separating me from the outside world.


  1. This is my camping list:

    1) Headlamps or flash lights or table lamp
    2) extra blankets, shoes , clothes and extra SOCKS.
    3) toilet paper, paper towels, trash bag, soap, towel.
    4) plastic utensils, cups and plates.
    5) knife or axe.
    6) hat or sunscreen
    7) zip locks.
    8) BUG SPRAY
    9) lighters or lighter fluid.
    10) make up remover pads and face cloths
    11) a book.
    12) running shoes and headphones?

    Camping is absolutely wonderful! Enjoy the time away !