Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the charleston bucket list.

My Charleston clock has started to tick, and that means it's time to start attacking my bucket list. It'll be tough, what with all the work I have to do over the next few weeks, and all the money I'm not going to have, but it needs to happen. If anyone wants to help me accomplish these goals, just holler.

* A lazy dinner on the patio at Rue de Jean with a shared bottle of bubbly.
* Long, slow strolls through Magnolia Cemetery.
* Margarita pitchers and guacamole with girlfriends at Santi's. And/or Taco Boy.
* A spa treatment at Charleston Place — so I can use the rooftop pool, too?
* Pimento cheese-and-bacon hotdogs, Firefly moonshine cocktails, and boiled peanuts at the RiverDogs game.
* Sunny, salty days on Sullivan's Island.
* Sunset harbor cruise on a catamaran.
* Picnic, concert, and fireworks at Middleton Place plantation.
* Walk the Ravenel Bridge.
* Cocktails and frisee salad at the bar at FIG.
* Swinging by Goat Sheep Cow to pick up supplies for a sunset picnic on the Battery.
* Dinner out on Johns Island at the Wild Olive. And under the twinkling lights at Pane e Vino. And at the Ordinary.

Funny how it all revolves around food, right? It's the Charleston way.


  1. I've got a Chas. bucket list too! I'm moving to DC in August & trying to do everything that makes this city so wonderful! Some of these are totally on my list - I'm still trying to work up the nerve to walk the bridge.

  2. Would loooove to try and come down one weekend to help you cross a few off! Maybe Memorial Day... I will check out flights!

  3. Colleen: Congrats on your D.C. move! Love that city. You should definitely walk the bridge, it's so fun!
    Kate: Get your butt down here! I need my partner in crime!

  4. A wonderful list. Charleston will miss you!