Friday, May 3, 2013

friday favorites.

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm headed up to Virginia to see my siblings' new houses and to celebrate my sister's and my sweet neph's birthdays. I have yet to get them gifts, so I guess that means we'll have to do some shopping — she's already scouted out some great antique stores.

Some interesting things I've run across this week: 

The cicadas are coming. And I'm pretty terrified.

Have you heard of "elimination communication?" Basically, it means letting your babies go diaperless. I think it's crazy. You?

I really want to go to the Kentucky Derby someday, but for now I'll just drink mint juleps.

I'm loving jar salads for lunch. It almost makes up for dinners like these.

I bought this necklace for $3.80 at Forever 21, and I love it so much I went online to buy another. I ended up buying four or five dresses, four pairs of sunglasses, three rings, and a few other things for less than $200. I love that place.

Have you seen my new venture, Copy Cat Editorial Services? Please help me spread the word!

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  1. Have fun in va! Don't let A partake in this elimination communication thing. Someone was tellin me about it when we were up on Brooklyn the other weekend, supposedly it is really catching on there. I mean... Really?!?