Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kicking the newlywed 20.

mmm ... cake ...

I got plenty of warnings about the dreaded freshman 15 before I went to college, but nobody told me about the newlywed 20. Like a lot of women, I worked my tail off to reach my goal weight for the wedding, and once it was over, I went back to my bad habits ... and then some.

Todd and I had lived together for years before we tied the knot, but there was something about having that ring on my finger that made me want to be more domestic and less concerned with my appearance. I cooked a lot of hearty meals — Todd's favorite — but while his insane metabolism kept his weight steady, mine kept creeping up until one day I stepped on the scale and had a come-to-Jesus moment.

I've lost about 10 pounds in the past couple of months, and it's been surprisingly painless. Once you kick those bad habits, weight loss couldn't be simpler. Here are some things that are helping me out:

I eat lots of black beans, avocados, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, peppers, hummus, and cottage cheese. Breakfast is usually fruit, lunch is a big plate of veggies with hummus, and dinner is often vegetarian. If my pantry is stocked with healthy foods that I love, I won't be tempted by more fatty options. Keeping a food diary helps a lot, too.

The weather has been blissfully perfect, so I take long walks after work and spend hours biking around on the weekends. I also like doing circuit workouts while watching TV, and I'm obsessed with the Nike Training Club app. 

I'm bad about snacking at night, but if I have a cup of tea it usually quells my cravings. My current favorite flavors are vanilla Chai and peppermint, and I just bought a box of cucumber lime white tea at Target that I can't wait to try. If I'm craving an adult beverage, champagne usually gives me the least amount of guilt.

I still have a ways to go, but I wanted to share a bit because I find blogs so helpful in this process. What's your go-to healthy meal? How do you stay active? 

P.S. Check out my Health board on Pinterest for more healthy recipes and workouts.


  1. I gained 10 after I got married. I need to eat more beans. Do you use canned or dry?

  2. great post! love your tea remedy for nighttime cravings. i bet it does the trick.

  3. Ha, I did that as well, but I gained it before the wedding too :) And your wedding photo is so cute up there.

    But ps, you look so gorgeous all the time.

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips for staying healthy! I too love the Nike Training Club app. But I'll have to try the Tracy Anderson Method workout from your pinterest page!