Thursday, March 29, 2012


Working as an arts editor, you might think I'd have a fun collection of artwork, but sadly that's not the case. What I do have is a collection of cheap, pretty generic prints I've been gathering since college — and I'm getting sick of most of them. I still don't have the budget to invest in "real" art, but I definitely want to do some serious updating.

If I had money, I'd buy a piece from one of Charleston's awesome lady abstract artists like Sarah Boyts Yoder (pictured), Sally King Benedict, or Kate Long Stevenson.

I've thought about making my own art, too. I'm no artist, but I'm pretty sure I could replicate this piece for less than $95.

I'm drawn to quirky vintage posters like this one. I love browsing Julia Santen Gallery here in Charleston for weird prints advertising God-knows-what.

I dig this. So simple but striking.

Ooh — and this, too.

I know these are pretty trendy right now, but they'd look great above the antique buffet/bar I have yet to buy. Plus the price is pretty awesome. What do you think — overdone?

What are your thoughts on art? Is it worth the investment? Or does your taste change all the time like mine does?

See some more of my favorite art on Pinterest.


  1. the second and third pieces are fantastic; and you could definitely make your own version of the second one that would be cheaper and way more fabulous :)

  2. If you ever decide the piece of art you bought in downtown here, at the rose garden isn't working, let me know. I love that whole decision you made. Wonder how the young artist is doing these days?