Tuesday, September 27, 2011

breathe brides.

This summer I wrote some of my first freelance articles, and two of them were published in Breathe Magazine's wedding issue this month. After four years of working as a journalist, I've gotten used to seeing my name in print every week in the paper, but it's fun to see it somewhere new — and to get paid for it.

Breathe is targeted toward active, health-conscious women, and I had so much fun writing about buying local for your wedding as well as going the DIY route. I interviewed some inspiring planners and brides like Alice, above, who had local blueberry jam favors, a table full of homemade pies, and an arch made out of a cattle feeder and grapevines. As glad as I am to have my own wedding behind me, there's a part of me that really misses all of the planning, and I hope to continue writing for wedding mags in the future.

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