Friday, August 12, 2011


I hope your weekend's like this:
I plan to sleep late, make pancakes, spend a day at the beach, and read a book or two. We also need to finish some stuff around the house, like putting together the office and hanging up pictures. What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. We're going to the library, making & freezing banana & banana blueberry muffins and relaxing. As much as possible with 2 babies. :-) You should make those cinnamon bun pancakes!

  2. Had a great morning, celebrating Phyllis' birthday and the family that made it that early. The birthday celebration didn't end at Showmar's. :c)
    Borrowed "The Natural Shade Garden" and "The Natural Garden" ~ Ken Druse, from June. Going to spend, starting early Sunday morning, reading the pics and looking around and thinking down here. Ken Druse was the second greatest influence for me with the Handy Street garden, checking out his books at the Lynchburg library! The kids were the first.
    At the edge of the woods here, most logical.