Tuesday, August 9, 2011

treasure hunt.

I've been craving a good thrifting/junk shop/antiquing adventure. I've recently learned that there are a slew of antique malls around Charleston that I haven't even been to. And I think I need to remedy that. Some things that are always on my thrifting radar:

Old silver. My grandma has always collected it, 
and I'd love to have enough mismatched silver for a dinner party.

Vintage fans are my jam. If I see one, I will probably buy it. 

I'd love to find some old soda crates. Not sure what I'd do with them, but I'll figure that out later. 

Vintage linens, including handkerchiefs, tablecloths, and napkins — especially from the 1950s.

Typewriters. Maybe it's because I'm a writer, or maybe it's just because they're awesome. 
I'll never use them, but they sure are pretty to look at.


Ok, I'm starting to get carried away. There's just going to have to be a Part 2 of this post at some future date. Until then, let me know if you want to go junkin'.

All images found via Pinterest.


  1. I want some of the old Tupperware measuring cups & spoons and an old typewriter, but I would use it.

  2. i love the idea of a vintage fan too - and i love the color of that one!

  3. I'm with you on the matchbooks.. I actually just picked up two myself last weekend. They are like little visual treasures!