Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm worn out after a long, wonderful week of settling into our new home. We've met many of our neighbors, unpacked most of our stuff, and been to Lowe's about 15 times. With the house mostly done, we turned our attention to the backyard this afternoon.

The yard is on the small side, surrounded by a tall privacy fence with a big tree right in the middle. Although it's kind of a mess right now, I like it because it feels like a blank canvas. I want the backyard to be an extension of the house, a place where we (and our friends) can spend hours eating, drinking, playing, and lounging when the weather's nice — and when the mosquitoes leave.

We had planned on putting in a patio, but we realized that the tree's roots are big, and they reach all over the yard. Now we're considering a gravel patio area or a low deck. We want to do it ourselves, but we're starting to think we'll need an expert opinion. If any of you have some insight, I'd love to hear it!

Side note: The Backyardigans was my favorite show to watch when I worked as a nanny in college. I miss it.


  1. you can definitely DIY! my dad and elementary school-aged brothers built our family's deck when i was younger. you probably will need a little muscle help, and an expert opinion isn't a bad idea, but i don't think it's too hard to do. i'd recommend also picking up a "porches and decks" book or magazine from home depot...they usually have ideas and some instructions.

  2. Backyardigans is on Netflix... Your nephew likes it too. Can't wait to see your new yard!