Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wedding envy.

I've been working on a few wedding articles for Breathe Magazine, and I'm surprised at how much fun I've had revisiting all of the wedding blogs I once obsessed over. It's actually more fun now, because the stress of planning my own wedding is gone. Although I am a teensy bit jealous and have this crazy desire to do it all over again.

I love the details of this down-home Dallas wedding, especially the quilt-covered hay bales.

I'm not usually big on pink, but this girly wedding is too cute for words.

This California wedding has a book and bird theme. Trendy? Sure. Adorable? Yes.

This couple obviously had a blast with their superhero-inspired wedding. They had a cereal bar. And superhero cocktails.

I think I want to be a wedding planner.


  1. You should, that would be awesome. You would have to deal with bridezillas though.

  2. I know what you mean. I think rather than have mine over, I'd rather plan someone else's. There are so many fun ideas out there!