Sunday, June 26, 2011


The closer we get to moving back downtown, the more my bike obsession grows. My bike has sat sadly unused since we moved to the burbs, and I can't wait to ride around again. Even though I've barely ridden my current thrift store bike (similar to the rusty one above), I kind of want to trade it in for a lighter, cuter road bike (similar to the blue one above that). Or maybe I can just paint the one I have. Can you paint bikes?


  1. The bike nerds (said in the most lovingly way) that read my blog suggest taking your frame to an auto body shop if you want to paint it. Apparently, it's really difficult to get it right yourself. - Erin

  2. Agreed with the comment above. It can be expensive since they use car paint, but it's DEFINITELY worth it. I've seen some truly hip paint jobs on antique bikes.