Thursday, October 9, 2014

Settling in to Richmond.

We moved to Richmond less than a month ago, but already it feels so much like home. It's almost like we had a year's worth of DIY energy built up, and we went a little crazy working on the house the first few weeks. With help from visiting family, we painted walls and doors, built shelves and furniture, and installed new lighting. We have lots of big plans for this house, but for now we're forcing ourselves to just sit back for a bit and enjoy it.

I want to marry this couch.
We changed the door from red to yellow.

The chalkboard wall, which all guests are required to sign.
The beginnings of our sunny reading room.
Todd built this table himself!


  1. It looks wonderful! I looooove that couch.

  2. The bright pops of yellow and red are really happy. And that wonderful couch, in a soothing blue - I could nap a LOT on that. The patio table is great, Todd. The bookcases are good color with the white surround. I could go on & on! When can I move in with you? J Smart