Monday, October 11, 2010

formula for a perfect weekend.

This weekend was nothing short of epic. It included but was not limited to:
  • An intimate bachelorette party that included sweet gifts, amazing cocktails, and a leisurely dinner at one of the best restaurants in town
  • Farmers market followed by a few hours at the beach, where I got burnt to a crisp. And I didn't even care, because it's October and I was at the beach.
  • A sunset fashion show by the docks, with lots of wine, followed by a mind-blowing art party. And more wine.
  • A bike ride around the peninsula that included a car-less King Street, run-ins with friends, a rest on the Battery, a s'mores bar from Baked, and tacos at Santi's. 
  • A trip to a local farm with my nephews, where we got to see them dork out over cows and goats and pumpkins.
  • Grilled pizza and Mario Kart and friends and family.
P.S. This dude's doing our wedding. There will be a photobooth, but it might be a little more low-key. Apologies.

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