Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Summer Pregnancies Don't Completely Suck

Let's just pretend like this is a picture of me, even though I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini right now.

Often when I tell people that my due date is in late August, I get the same response: a wince, a sympathetic shake of the head, and usually something along the lines of, "It's going to be a long summer for you!"

Of course, I can't help but agree. This summer feels extra hot and sweaty, and I'd give anything to enjoy a nice bottle of crisp wine on the front porch—without living in fear of mosquitos. But it's not all bad. In fact, I think there are a few perks to being pregnant in the summer. Here's what I'm feeling happy about:
  • Having a simplified maternity wardrobe. I'm in my third trimester, but still most of my day-to-day wardrobe consists of non-maternity items—extra-long tanks, tees, and elastic-waist skirts. Sure, it's boring, but I'm glad I haven't had to spend a lot of money or time searching for sweaters, coats, and pants that fit my bump. 
  • Sandals. Related to the above point, but worthy of its own bullet: I didn't even realize my feet were getting swollen because I've been living in sandals. I tried on a pair of my ballet flats today, and though it was definitely a tight squeeze, I just felt lucky that I have other options this time of year (and I don't have to go out and buy a bunch of new shoes that may not fit in a few months). 
  • Summer food. Thanks to the abundance of fresh local veggies and our tendency to grill out, I always eat more healthfully in the summer months than I do in the winter, when I crave mostly carb-heavy comfort food. Granted, ice cream is a major part of my diet these days, but I'm pretty sure I would have gained a lot more weight so far if I'd been pregnant in the colder months.
  • More sunshine. Longer days mean I'm more likely to be out and about staying active. I may not be hiking or playing tennis, but I'm moving and that's helping me feel stronger as I approach my due date.
  • Looking ahead to summer birthday parties. Yep, our little man isn't even here yet, but I'm already thinking about how fun his birthday parties will be. I myself was a winter baby, and parties at the park or pool just weren't an option.

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