Sunday, November 10, 2013


I've always loved Boston, but for years I said I'd never move here because of the winters. Then I changed my mind. Being an obsessive planner — I always like to have a five-year plan, a 10-year plan, etc. — this change was a bit disconcerting. But it's also exciting to know that I can surprise myself. Who knows where I'll be in five years? I really can't say.

So here I am, prepping for my first New England winter. The autumn leaves are blowing away fast now, and it's pitch black when I get out of work. I thought this would be depressing, but I find myself more energized than ever as I watch the lights come on in downtown's tallest buildings. I've always loved a skyline at night. It makes me want to take a long walk through the city, even though it's dark and cold and the wind makes me want to cry a little. The other night, I bypassed the warm tunnels of the T and walked straight through downtown, across Boston Common, and down Newbury Street to meet Todd for dinner.

I'm stocking up on fleece-lined leggings, sensible boots, and crock pot recipes. I'm winterizing the house and car and piling the bed and couch with blankets, and we even bought the dog a coat (why should he get cold and wet on walks?). I'm obsessively tracking the first snow, which might come as soon as next week. Call me crazy, but for the first time in my life I'm excited for winter.

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  1. i love winter too - there's something about pulling on leggings and boots and drinking cocoa with the covers pulled up high that are just perfect... for a few months anyway. :)