Thursday, March 14, 2013

plight of a pale girl.

So, I feel a bit behind-the-times asking this, but what are your thoughts on self-tanner? I'm a few weeks away from living in a bikini, and I'm as translucent as the day I was born. Tanning beds are out, obviously, but I'd like to fake a bit of a glow, at least. Any advice, dear readers? Favorite brands, methods?


  1. Like botoxed faces and silicone boobs, fake tans look exactly like what they are - fake. Not to mention they'll stain your swimsuits and clothing. My advice is this: Don't worry about what color you are. (Nobody else will.) Just use plenty of SPF50 sunscreen!

  2. Erica, you're pretty the way you are so I wouldn't worry too much. Although I hear frequently that the Jergens natural glow lotion (not sure of its official name) gives a gradual, healthy tone if you use it daily.

  3. Choose a suit in a color that makes ivory skin glow! Choose a suit with some deatils that draw attention to the suit - jewels, trim, ruffles, etc., so the tan doesn't need to be the eye-catcher. My friend's Mom went to her doctor about something being wrong with the palms of her hands - turning brown and coarse - and they later realized this was the effects of the self-tanning lotion not being removed well enough from her palms after she applied it to her body. js