Monday, May 7, 2012


I took Todd to Barsa for his birthday a few weeks ago, and we had a leisurely meal of Spanish-style tapas and cocktails that had us remembering our trip to Spain a few years ago. Since then I've been feeling super wanderlusty — and watching lots of Rick Steves — so I decided to take it out in the kitchen. I made patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, flan de fresas, and a salad made with local beets. Sounds fancy, but it was all super simple — and super delicioso.


  1. Have you seen the PBS series Spain...On the Road Again? I've never been to Spain (it's on my list) but watching that series makes me want to hop a plane immediately. So do these food pics.

  2. What great pictures, i especially love that first one! Why didn't you cook stuff like that for me when I was visiting? :-)