Friday, October 21, 2011

road trip.

The past few days we've been prepping for our big trip to Florida. It's an eight hour drive, but I'm actually kind of looking forward to spending some quality time with Todd. My road trip essentials: a camera (for capturing random roadside eccentricities), embroidery thread for friendship bracelet making, gummy worms, and a pillow and blanket for nappage. Not shown: Where's Waldo app for iPhone (my new obsession) and books on tape (by Anne Rice, David Sedaris, and Tolkien). What are your road trip essentials?


  1. Which Tolkien books? I make a mix cd for each trip & usually bring any magazines I've not had a chance to read yet. Then it's Angry Birds when it's dark. A nice blanket is also a must since Jordan keeps the car freezing when we drive long distances. You guys have fun!

  2. Great essentials! I always have some music, embroidery thread, a blanket, and snacks!