Tuesday, March 15, 2011

spring forward.

It's always a little hard coming home after a vacation, but there's a sweetness, too, especially when home is a place like Charleston. There's the unmistakable salty smell when you step off the plane, a smell I fell in love with on my first visit that I've since grown accustomed to. In just the few days I've been gone, the city has burst into full-flower mode, and I was so happy to find bunches of wisteria hanging from the tree in our backyard. I didn't even know we had wisteria back there.

We embraced the warm weather and lingering sunlight by taking a long bike ride around the neighborhood, trying to get as close to the marsh as we could, discovering a plantation home on a dead-end street. Sometimes I dream about starting over somewhere new, but days like this I think I might be hooked for life.

It's amazing what gaining one hour will do for your outlook.

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